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Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management 

  • An ongoing 1:1 relationship with comprehensive financial planning and investment management. 

  • Price:  Flat fee based on complexity deducted on a monthly basis from account and/or paid by ACH

    • Low: $3,000/year

    • Medium: $7,500/year

    • High: $12,000/year

Military Transition Plan

  • For military members that are 12 months or less from their transition. This is a plan covering 20+ planning areas to get you confident with every financial aspect of your transition.

  • Price: $3,000 ($1,500 up front, $1,500 upon plan completion or monthly payments over 6 months).

BLUF Finance Military Membership

  • This is a military financial planning membership with the resources and structure to help you learn about ways to make better financial decisions and monitor your financial situation throughout the year.

  • Price: Founder's price for $19/mo. or $190/yr 

Hourly Financial Planning

  • This is financial planning offered at an hourly rate. This is best if you want a second opinion, have with one time needs, or need help with a specific project or situation. 

  • Price: $300/hour

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