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Transparent, Flat Fees for Advice.

3 Distinct service models to fit your unique needs

Military Transition Plan

Military Transition Plan Examples.jpg

Best for those that are approaching their  military transition and want help thorough this complex time of life.

**Buy one Give One** After your plan, we will give a plan to an E-5 or below

✓ Net Worth Statement

✓ Leave Balance

✓ ID Protection, Credit Score, Lost Money

✓ Take Home Pay Analysis

✓ Separation Income 

✓ Cash Flow Projection 

✓ Short Term Goals and Debt

✓ Keep or Sell Current House

✓ Buy or Rent new house

✓ Mortgage Decision

✓ Employee Benefits Education 

✓ GI Bill 

✓ Education Savings 

✓ Property and Casualty Insurance 

✓ Life and Disability Insurance 

✓ SBP Analysis

✓ Health Insurance 

✓ Tax Planning 

✓ Retirement Projections 

✓ Keep or Roll TSP Decision 

✓ Investment Analysis

✓ Estate Planning 

✓ Personalized Order of Operations

✓ Measurable Action Plan 

✓ 1 year of planning access

​$3,000 ($1,500 up front, $1,500 upon plan completion)

Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management 

Altruist Screenshot.png

Best for business owners and high- income or high net worth families

✓ Investment Management


✓ Cash flow and debt planning 

✓ Tax planning

✓ Retirement Planning

✓ Education Planning

✓ Employee Benefits Planning

✓ Insurance Planning

✓ Estate Planning

✓ Semi-annual meetings

✓ Monthly check-ins


For Business Owners

✓ Business Cash flow planning

✓ Business entity analysis

✓ Business Tax planning

✓ Owner's pay analysis

✓ Retirement plan analysis

✓ Exit planning

✓ Business Estate planning

✓ Quarterly meetings

A flat, complexity based  annual fee of 1% of income + 0.5% of Net Worth

Minimum fee of $3,000 per year for individuals and families, $6,000 for business owners (billed monthly)

BLUF Finance: Military Financial Planning Membership

BLUF Finance Membership Features

Best for younger military members or those who want to DIY

✓ Elements Financial Monitoring App

✓ Quarterly Progress Reports

✓ Monthly Q&A

✓ Financial Planning course

✓ Financial Helpdesk

✓ Library of checklists

✓ 1:1 Sessions at $250/hour When Needed

30 day Free Trial then $19 per month or $190 per year 

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