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Erik Baskin, Founder of Baskin Financial Planning

Flat Fee Financial Planning for Military, Veteran, High Income, and HNW Families

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Who Are You?

Military Member

You are a military member that is very busy with work and family. You don't know if you're going to stay for 20 and there are a lot of life and financial changes happening along the way that you know you might need some help with.

Transitioning Military

Transitioning out of the military is a difficult time and there are a lot of changes that happen all at once. You are looking for trusted information that will help you make a smooth transition.

Veteran, High Income, or HNW

You may have a high income or a lot of assets, but you may not know how to best organize everything. Your time is valuable, and you just want to get some professional advice because mistakes are too costly for your family.

Why Baskin Financial Planning?


There are no backdoor commissions or hidden costs associated with my service. Clients will never be sold a product, and I never collect a commission. 


Unlike 90% of financial advisors, I'm not associated with any financial company or broker dealer, so I give you straightforward and unbiased advice.

Flat Fee

I charge one transparent, flat fee for all financial planning and investment management. No AUM fees based on how much in assets you have.


The vast majority of "financial advisors" are simply salesmen or money mangers. At Baskin Financial Planning, I take a holistic wealth management  approach to every aspect of your financial well- being. 

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