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Erik Baskin, Founder of Baskin Financial Planning

Fee-Only Financial Planning for Military Families and Veteran Entrepreneurs

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Optimize Your Investments

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Cut Your Lifetime Tax Bill 

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Organize Your Financial Life

Why Baskin Financial Planning?


There are no backdoor commissions or hidden costs associated with our service. Clients will never be sold a product, and we never collect a commission. 


Unlike 90% of financial advisors, we're not associated with any financial company or broker dealer, so we give you straightforward and unbiased advice.

Flat Fee

We charge one transparent, flat fee for all financial planning and investment management. No AUM fees based on the value of your assets that we manage.


The vast majority of "financial advisors" are simply salesmen or money mangers. At Baskin Financial Planning, we take a holistic wealth management  approach to every aspect of your financial well- being. 

Who is a Good Fit?

We might be a good fit if:

✅ You enjoy family time and value your time and only want to meet when necessary

✅ You want to be more intentional and align your money with your values

✅You value both financial planning and investments

✅You want an advisor that’s going to be around for a long time (I’m 29 with no plans to ever exit this business)

We are probably not a fit if:

❌ You want to meet every 2 weeks or expect me to be on demand to respond at all hours of the day 

❌ You only want to maximize wealth without purpose

❌ You want to beat the market and don't value financial planning

❌ You want someone with grey hair and decades of “experience” (I have a few grey hairs according to my wife)

Free Consult

No Sales. Just a friendly call to meet and see if we might be a mutual fit.

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