Dual Income Military Family

Whether you're a high income dual military family or you're just looking for honest financial advice, we're here to help. Below is a hypothetical situation that shows a time when it made sense to work with a financial planner and how they benefitted from doing so.

military family

Dual Military Officer Family

Preparing to Relocate

Given today's market, there are a lot of things to consider before making a significant purchase

Managing Benefits

Alongside the house, they need to plan for child costs & investing for the family's future as well as planning for retirement.

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Christina and Ben

Dual Major Air Force Officers looking to make the most of their pay and benefits to set them up for the future

The Situation

Christina and Ben both make good money as Majors in the Air Force. They have done well for themselves so far, but have questions about what they could to do optimize their situation and know they could do better. They are both very busy at their job and don't have time or energy to research financial planning topics.

They have two young kids and want to make sure they are doing the right thing for them in terms of college planning as well as make sure they have enough insurance and an estate plan. They want to start tracking their spending and allocating the excess toward retirement savings. They want to make sure their investments are in the right places, as well as save for a downpayment on the next house. They have questions about what to do with their two rental properties, and what the best next steps are.

The Results

As part of the planning process, we:

  • Tracked their cash flows and automated the excess toward goals and retirement
  • Collaborated with a trusted insurance agent to put 7-figure term insurance policies in place
  • Analyzed their rental real estate holdings to make a recommendation on the best plan for the future given their unique goals and current situation
  • Helped consolidate investments by putting their Roth IRAs and taxable brokerage account in one place
  • Got a revocable living trust in place and funded it with all relevant assets as well as established the rest of their estate planning documents.
  • Collaboratively looked at their tax return and projected future taxes and tax brackets to come up with a plan for Roth vs. Traditional contributions
  • Created an overall plan to help her feel more confident in her finances, incorporating their personal values
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