A Military Transition Success Story

Whether you're a military family or you're just looking for honest financial advice, we're here to help. Below is a hypothetical situation that shows a time when it made sense to work with a financial planner and how they benefitted from doing so.

military woman

Preparing to transition out of the military

Preparing to Relocate

Given today's market, there are a lot of things to consider before making a significant purchase

Managing Benefits

Alongside the house, they need to plan for child costs & investing for the family's future

Set Up a Transition Call

Captain transitioning out the military and is unsure about what she needs to be doing from a financial perspective

The Situation

As Christina transitions out of the military, she has a lot of decisions to make in a short window. She's been spending time on LinkedIn looking for new jobs, but hasn't been able to secure anything just yet.

She's anticipating a move as part of the transition process and wants to know whether buying or renting is a better option, and what kind of house she could afford. Health insurance & other employee benefits are another piece of her financial life she isn't fully confident in, and she wants to make sure she's managing her savings and current income appropriately given the chance of being without a job for awhile.

She's never worked with an advisor before and doesn't want to transfer her investments anywhere, so the Military Transition Plan was perfect for her needs.

The Results

As part of the military-specific planning process, we:

  • Created a plan & outlined the benefits of SGLI & VGLI
  • Planned out cash flows for the next 12 months & created a plan for her leave balance
  • Analyzed different real estate markets & living locations
  • Helped consolidate investments by rolling over her TSP
  • Helped select an appropriate health insurance plan
  • Created an overall plan to help her feel more confident in her finances
Start planning for financial freedom today.

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