January 31, 2024

25. Guest Appearance on the For the Zoomies Podcast with Andrew Cormier

In this episode, we revisit a guest appearance I had on Andrew Cormier's Podcast called ⁠For the Zoomies⁠. Andrew and I talk about finance, business, entrepreneurship and how these areas relate to cadets military members, and veterans.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00-06:05: Introduction
  • 06:05-09:56 Common cadet financial pitfalls
  • 09:56-13:12 Why is whole life insurance bad?
  • 13:12-18:10 Why are payday loans bad?
  • 18:10-21:12 How to notice pyramid schemes
  • 21:12-22:26 Should you sports bet?
  • 22:26-28:45 4% Rule of thumb
  • 28:45-33:24 S&P 500 vs. S&Me 500
  • 33:24-41:08 Smart uses of the cadet loan
  • 41:08-50:34 Thoughts on entrepreneurship
  • 50:34-53:36 Advice for cadets and Conclusion


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