May 1, 2024

36. How I've Invested My Money From 2nd Lieutenant to Veteran Business Owner

In this episode, I share my financial journey from a second lieutenant fresh out of the Air Force Academy to a successful veteran business owner. I discusses the investment accounts I utilized at different stages, my strategy for allocating excess cash, and how my goals and priorities have shifted over time. Initially focused on retirement accounts like Roth IRAs and Roth TSPs, I later emphasize the importance of liquidity and the diverse goals of a veteran business owner, including preparing for potential kids, moving houses, and ensuring business success. I advocate for a simple, long-term focused investment approach, free from market timing or speculative assets like cryptocurrency. The episode aims to provide a framework for listeners, especially those in high-income households or owning businesses, on intelligently allocating their money to achieve financial freedom.

Key Takeaways & Timestamps:

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (00:55) Investment Strategies: From Military Service to Entrepreneurship
  • (01:53) Early Career: Accounts, Implementation & Goals
  • (04:18) Veteran Business Owner: Accounts, Implementation & Goals
  • (07:19) Future Financial Planning: Building Resilient Wealth
  • (13:09) Simplicity and Long-Term Focus in Wealth Accumulation
  • (14:44) Download the Ultimate Military Finance Checklist

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