June 12, 2024

42. Should I Rent My House Out or Sell It?

I explore the common question of whether to keep a house as a rental property or sell it. Using a recent case study of a 39-year-old client from Virginia, I break down the detailed financial analysis involved. The client's home, valued at $480,000 with a $431,000 mortgage at a 5.63% interest rate, would result in a monthly deficit of $1,074 if rented out. My comprehensive walkthrough includes considerations of rental income, property management fees, taxes, maintenance, and vacancy rates. To wrap the episode up, I compare maintaining the property as a rental versus investing in the stock market, ultimately guiding the client to sell the property. Listen to this episode if you’re considering renting or selling your next home.

Key Takeaways:

• Is it always a good idea to keep a property as a rental investment when moving to a new home?

• How does a high-interest rate impact the financial viability of renting out a property?

• What are the comprehensive costs and factors to consider when deciding between renting out a property and selling it?

• How do the long-term financial outcomes compare between maintaining a rental property and investing in the stock market?

Key Timestamps:

(00:00) Introduction: Rent or Sell Your House?

(00:36) Case Study: Analyzing the Numbers

(01:18) Financial Breakdown: Costs and Considerations

(04:17) Comparing Investments: Real Estate vs. Stock Market

(08:32) Conclusion: Making the Right Decision

(09:34) Download the Ultimate Military Finance Checklist

Key Topics Discussed:

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