October 31, 2023

19. Investing in the TSP and Aligning Your Money with Your Values with Brandon Lovingier the Enlisted Money Guy

In this episode, I talk with Brandon Lovingier from Enlisted Money about investing in the TSP, military retirement, and aligning your money with your values.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00-01:35 Intro to Brandon
  • 01:35-10:58 Investing in the TSP with and Without a Pension
  • 10:58-12:32 Calculating Your “FI” Number
  • 12:32-20:16 Protecting Loss of Life or Income with Insurance
  • 20:16-28:38 How to think about the right amount of Risk for YOU
  • 28:38-38:32 Matching your Money to What You Actually Want in Life
  • 38:32-41:51 Conclusion


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